The team of EM Gerätebau

Only our crew makes the team complete.

Currently, our team consists of over 120 employees.

We are proud of our low staff fluctuation, and it is not uncommon for employees to stay with us for 15 years or more – we have already celebrated several 25 and 30-year anniversaries.

We do all we can to ensure that our employees feel comfortable with us, because this is the only way they can realise their full potential. Each employee knows that they are important and uses their skills and qualifications as part of a whole with great commitment to our customers. Together we have grown with all the challenges of the last years and decades. We are very proud of our experienced and loyal team. Each individual is an expert in their own field.

Discussion of Projects at EM Gerätebau in Mammendorf
Management of EM Gerätebau

The executive management

Each of our employees makes a vital contribution to the success of the company!

As a value-oriented, medium-sized company, it is important to us to create a modern and successful environment for our employees.

Our goal is to encourage all employees to do their jobs well by providing sound training and further education, giving personal responsibility and delegating tasks.

Interaction with each other is characterised by mutual trust, active and forward-looking cooperation, and open and honest communication.

The future drives us.

Our Values

Transparent communication

We communicate clearly, openly and honestly, and our dealings with customers and employees are characterised by mutual respect. Our customers need to know where they stand and what we can do for them.

We stand by our word, no exceptions.

We also listen carefully in order to deliver the best possible results to our customers and to hear our employees’ concerns, suggestions and ideas.

Social responsibility

We take responsibility for the society we live in. Among other things, for securing the now well over 120 jobs and, by continuously staffing our apprentice workshop, for training young people to become accomplished skilled workers.

We stand by Germany as a business location.

Environmentally friendly production conditions

We want to make our contribution to environmental protection, which is why, for example, we only use environmentally friendly lubricants, heat our rooms using heat recovery from the exhaust heat of our machines and design our production processes to be 
paperless to the greatest possible extent.

After combining these and many other ongoing activities for the environment in an environmental management system, we have since received an award from the Bavarian Environmental Pact and have been DIN EN ISO 14001 certified since July 2013.


We create value for our customers by being a strong link in every production chain.

Our quality standards are high and we check that they are being implemented at every stage of the production process. Our quality management is, of course, certified by an independent body. Furthermore, quality is a matter of pride for both the company as a whole and for each individual employee.

Board of Directors of EM Gerätebau in Mammendorf

Our history


Today’s EM Gerätebau GmbH is founded as Elektromechanische Gerätebau GmbH. It begins with the mechanical-manual production of simple sheet metal parts.


Move to Mammendorf and opening of the current, central and modern production site.


Implementation of new computer-based technologies to increase precision and productivity. A healthy balance between traditional craftsmanship and time and cost-efficient production is established.


Targeted measures in the area of automation, process control and quality assurance started with the goal of expanding production with a focus on comprehensive CNC series and system production to the highest quality standards for major customers and well-known brand 


The insolvency of the parent company presents the current team of shareholders with its greatest challenge to date. The knowledge of the company’s potential, that the course taken is the right one, and the responsibility to the employees leaves only one choice: they make the company independent and put it on its own solid footing as EM Gerätebau GmbH.

The goals set to save jobs at the site, to preserve the know-how acquired over decades and to make even better use of the potential of the business are being achieved and exceeded: no one has to be laid off and the staff has since grown from fifty to seventy. Not a single customer leaves, not a single order is lost – the customer relationships, still strengthened by reliability and openness, survive this transition phase unscathed: the hard-earned trust of our customers pays off for both sides and our vision of sustainable values is confirmed.


While in 2003/2004 many competitors relocated their production to other countries, mainly in Eastern Europe, for cost reasons, we continue to focus on quality ‘Made in Germany’ by employing appropriate automation, homogeneous utilisation of our facilities and optimisation in logistics. Our success proves us right.


New machines, the expansion of production and storage capacities as well as the further improvement of the flow of materials and the establishment of new offices require a new hall in order to continue to meet the requirements of our customers consistently and with the highest quality and precision in the future.

Our regular, long-term investments in the fundamental values of the company – employees, facilities, logistics – have paid off: EM Gerätebau GmbH did not suffer any setbacks in the 2009 financial year during the global financial and economic crisis.